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Student reviews

I found, Learn To Plan Events to be very organized, detailed and informative.  The instructor was thorough in her delivery of information, allowed for questions and interactions and was also very open to everyone.  The class size was just right and the day went smoothly.  The instructor also provided us with a binder of information and goodies which is always a plus.
- Monique Thomas

The information was great and the presenter knowledgeable and patient. I enjoyed the fact that she provided working examples, team building exercises and patiently answered questions of all attendees.  There was a lot of information shared and included in a great take-a-long book. 
- Tracie VanBuren

Good morning, I would like to Thank You for giving such an informative class. I was able to gain knowledge and confidence in the many areas of event planning. With that being said, I booked my first client (with a deposit) to do their wedding. I got a return on my investment in 3 weeks!! Thanks again! 
-Latanya Behling


Learn To Plan Events was a great opportunity to share ideas network and learn so much about event planning.  I enjoyed the wealth of knowledge from the staff and the ability to reach out to the staff for additional help to allow my business to flourish.  Thanks Lady Vye
- Kizzy Goss

Vivian's passion and knowledge were very evident.  I have already recommended this course to a friend who was unable to attend the Wedding Planning course because of a scheduling conflict.  I have already put the information I learned in the class to use.
- Martha Brown

Excellent course! Vivian Baldwin is highly knowledgeable, business- oriented, honest and very passionate about what she does. Besides learning a lot about planning and organizing events I have met some great people that I hope I will stay connected to. Thank you Vivian for giving me tools to start working in this industry.
- Natalia Belov

I really enjoyed the class. It has given me more knowledge on all levels.
- Christy Bennett

Enjoyed the Ms. Vivian, grateful for the opportunity to take the class.
- Robin Elliott

I enjoyed learning the background knowledge of the various wedding traditions. I would highly recommend this program to anyone.
- Margie McLean

Excellent...Very informative and private type and one on one learning
- Latasha Hicks

The class was very informative and helpful. All information that was given was much needed. Excellent class and teacher.
- Shelley Raymond

I feel it is an excellent way to help people that is striving to be in business for themselves.
- Shemea Smith

Great class. Very informative.
- Audrey Morgan

Excellent courses. I learned so much about the business of wedding and event planning. It was the jumpstart I needed to prepare to start my own event planning business.
- Crystal Smith

Learn to Plan Events was an awesome class. There was great information given out. Our instructor was very professional and knowledgeable about the topic. Have a lot of information to take away. So excited to start using the tools in my business. Can't wait to take the wedding Event Planning class.
- Cherie Fowler

It was excellent for me because it was all done in one day verse me having to take the class over four months. That work out great for me. Love every bit of it all. It was great learn more than I would have on my own. It was worth every penny spend.
- Loretta Daniels

I learned so much more from this class than anticipated.  I initially only wanted to take the Corporate Events class.  I am so glad I did this one as well.  The amount of information that was provided was more than I had imagined. I truly enjoyed the class; it was much better than I expected.  I was glad that there wasn't a lot of students it allowed the class to be more intimate.
- Shon Smithwick

Learn To Plan Events is an excellent program that allows you to become equipped, diverse and knowledgeable in that area you which to become certified in. I would recommend this program to any individual in pursuit of his or her dream in the event planning business.
- Karette Maynard

The course was very helpful and well taught. A good opportunity to network. Ms. Baldwin is a true professional and very knowledgeable. Thanks.
- Wilbert (Jack) Leonard

I feel as if I have the tools, knowledge, and the support needed to start my own business in wedding/event planning. Thank you for the opportunity.
- Asya Muhammad

This was an exceptionally great course, it was very informational and the literature provided was very organized and knowledgeable. Ms. Baldwin was very professional poised and a great instructor. I enjoyed the course and would recommend it to anyone looking to gain knowledge about event planning.
- Teresa Glasgow

Way better than expected. Highly recommended.
- Tumani Casanova

This class was very well structure, while leaving an open forum for dialogue between the students. Also the class covered a range of real life scenario. With guidance of the instructor finding different ways to finding solutions in the most professional and effective way.
- Martina Brittingham


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